Friday, April 10, 2009

Photography Class Slideshow

I have been taking a class called "Eye of the Photographer," and last night was the last class. It has been lots of fun, and has made me get out and shoot pictures every week to turn in for the assignments. It's also challenged me to shoot things that I might not have otherwise. Our instructor selected 100 of her favorite images from those that had been turned in throughout the semester and put them in what she calls "The Best of the Best" slideshow. I was really proud to have several of my photos included. Here is a slideshow of all the photos I turned in for my assignments. They had to be straight out of the camera (SOOC) when we turned them editing, no Photoshop magic.


  1. I love the slideshow! I enjoyed seeing all the shots. They're just great, as usual!

  2. Hey Lou---what a great slide show! I saw lots of red stars--nice work! Looks like the class was challenging and a lot of fun.


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